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Are do I ensure my forms are private?

Read this guide to make sure your forms are private and to understand the different privacy levels available.

In the "Information" section of your form you will see this:

"Public" doesn't necessarily mean the form will be available online.

It just means it's open or discoverable via the URL.

You can still go to "Form access" and "Security and Privacy" sections and set up additional filters.

You can set up a password, a closing date, limit the number of submissions, add a captcha, or decide if it will be indexed by Google or not.

Even though a form is "public", it won't be found online if you make it not indexable, unless you share the direct link with someone.

A "Draft" will only be seen by you or your team

A "Closed" form will be open or discoverable via the URL but won't accept new submissions.

Updated on: 08/11/2023

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