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How do I create a “Chat Bubble” contact form using NoteForms?

Learn how to create a "chat bubble" contact form for your site using NoteForms.

Not everyone likes (or has the resources) to provide live chat customer support on their website, yet having a contact chat bubble is very useful and looks great!

Go from "average" to COOL😎 in seconds.

Create a contact in NoteForms following these instructions and save your changes.

Once you are of your form settings page, click the "Embed form as a pop-up in a website" option.

You can preview your embed by clicking here:

Mine looks like this:

Use the "Advance options" section to edit your pop-up.

Preview your embed again if needed (or just because it feels great). 😇

Copy the code and embed the chat bubble on your website.

This example looks like this on my site:

Updated on: 11/08/2023

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