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How to embed a form in a WordPress site?

This guide will show you how to embed your forms in a WordPress site.

Create a form and save the changes. You will be redirected to your form's "share" page.
Click the option "embed form in a website".

Copy this code:

Go to your WordPress post and make sure you select the "text" view on the editor.

Copy the code in the place where you'd like the form to be embedded.

in this example it's a blank page, but you can be more specific with your placement if the page has other elements.

If you change to "visual" view of your editor you can preview how the form will look.

Save your change on Wordpress by publishing your site, updating, scheduling, etc. depending on your case.

(Optional) if needed, you can adjust the height of the form embed, by changing the height parameter in the embed code:

Changing the height from the iframe code

Updated on: 11/07/2023

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