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How to fill the body of a Notion page with a form submission?

This feature is only available for Pro and Team subscribers.

Note that Page body inputs is not compatible with the Page Update feature

It's not very practical to receive long text submissions in a Page property. Sometimes you would like your form submission to directly fill the body of a page instead of a property. This is possible with our new Page Body Input custom block.

Here's how to add a Page body input to your form:

In the "Form Structure" section, click the "Add Custom Block" Button.

Then in the modal window that appears, select "Page Body Input" and give it name. You can have as many page body inputs as needed. Hit "Add Block"
Customize the new input if needed, and save the form.

All content entered in that input will go straight into the body of the page we create when saving the form submission in your workspace.

Updated on: 05/10/2023

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