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How to import a CSV to my Notion database?

If an issue occurs when saving a form submission, we will send you an email with a CSV file containing your answers, as explained in the guide "What happens with submissions that don't reach my Notion database?".

If you would like to include the CSV you received over in email in your Notion database you can import it doing the following:

Find the email that we sent you and download the CSV into your computer.

Visit your Notion database. You can manually find it in Notion or click this option on your form settings:

Once you are in your Notion database please click your page settings and then scroll down until you see this option:


The Merge with CSV feature is an effective tool to create new pages within Notion databases, yet its functionality has some limitations.

It supports the following properties:

Multi-select, Select, and Status

If you need to import other data types, consider using the Notion2Sheets add-on.

To move items from another Notion table, use the methods described here.

Updated on: 25/09/2023

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