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Can my form submissions edit an existing Notion page?

This feature is only available for Team plan subscribers.

This features allows your form respondents to edit their submissions at any point in time after submission.

Editing Form Submissions

If that option is enabled, form respondents will see a new edit button after submission:

They can click it to edit their submission, and they can copy that URL and save it to edit their submission in the future.

If you also enabled submission confirmation email, respondents will receive an email that will also contain a link to the submissions edit page.

They will be able to edit their submission whenever it's necessary. If you change the record in Notion, they will see its most up to date version when loading the edit page.

Editing Existing Notion Database Records

Sometimes it can be useful to use the form to edit records you already have in your Notion database.

The easiest way to do this is to add a formula column to your Notion database with the following value: "<FORM_URL>?page_id=" + id().

Note that you need to replace <FORM_URL> with your actual form URL. The added formula column contain will contain links to edit each of your records in your form.

Your formula column should look like this

Enabling the feature

Find and open the form for which we want to enabled the submission edition feature

In the form editor, scroll down in the left panel until you reach the "**About submission**" section

Toggle the "Editable submissions" button on and click "Save changes".

Updated on: 07/12/2023

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