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How can I add a custom block to my form?

Since you may require more than the standard Notion fields to build your forms, we have added custom blocks. Learn how to add them to your form.

This is only to add layout blocks to your forms. To add more fields to your form, you need to add more columns to your Notion database. More about this here

To add a custom block when you are on the form editor, go to the left-side panel and scroll down until you see this button, "Add custom block."

Now you can select from any of the options available.

TEXT BLOCK: Use it to set up additional instructions or paragraphs anywhere within your form structure.

PAGE-BREAK BLOCK: Use this as the "invisible divider" that marks where a page break should start or finish. Learn more here.

PAGE BODY INPUT: It's not very practical to receive long text submissions in a Page property. Sometimes you would like your form submission to directly fill the body of a page instead of a property. This is possible with our new Page Body Input custom block. This feature is only available for Pro and Team plan subscribers. Learn more here.

DIVIDER BLOCK: Add a visual divider anywhere within your form structure.

IMAGE BLOCK: Add images other than your cover to enrich the visual side of your form or add screenshots, visual instructions, etc.

CODE BLOCK: Make use of our custom code features in selected parts of your form structure. This feature is only available for Pro and Team plan subscribers. Learn more here.

NOTE: this is only to add NoteForms custom blocks. If you want to add new form fields, then simply add a column to your Notion table, and refresh your editor page. More about this here

Updated on: 07/12/2023

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