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How do I integrate my form with Google Analytics?

Do you want to track your form's metrics via Google Analytics?

You can integrate Google Analytics by doing the following:

Go to

In "Your Forms", locate the form you wan to edit. Click it and then click "Edit Form."

When the editor opens, scroll down on the left-side panel until you find the "Custom Code" section, and click on it.

Paste your Google Tag there and save the changes.

Note: Follow these instructions to configure your Google Analytics account and get your Google Tag Code (if your Google Analytics account is ready, scrolling down to the "Add the Google tag directly to your web pages" section would be enough for you).

Note 2: Custom code cannot be previewed in our editor. Please test your code using your actual form page (save changes beforehand).

Custom Scripts & CSS are only available in NoteForms Pro plans and above. Please click here to get the full details about our pricing structure and the differences between each plan. :)

Updated on: 11/08/2023

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