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Can people without Notion or NoteForms access a form I create?

You are probably wondering if people without Notion or NoteForms will be unable to access your form or be required to create a Notion or NoteForms account to fill it out.

The simple answer is yes. Everyone without an account can see and answer your form.

Your users won't need to create a NoteForms account.
Your users won't need to create a Notion account.

Your NoteForm will work and look like a regular web form to your users.

NoteForms is so practical and the best option for Notion users because your form submissions will go to your Notion databases.

If Notion is your primary project management tool this means you won't need other apps
You can enjoy the benefits of Notion's visual an organizational features
You can collaborate, automate, and more.

The opportunities above are advantages for the owner of the form but it doesn't impact the experience of users filling out your forms.

To them, your form will just be a form. One they can access via a URL, or it's embedded on a website or Notion page, etc. without any additional login requirements.

You can even choose to remove NoteForms branding (paid plans).

Finally, if you do need to protect your form from being accessible by everyone, we offer a solution. Please checkout this guide on how to protect your form with a password.

Updated on: 10/08/2023

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