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How to setup your NoteForms account

You already have setup your NotionForms account? Click here to see how to create a form.

1. On the NotionForms website, click the "Create Form" button

2. Click on Create Form

3. Fill the registration form

4. Click on Register

5. Connect your Notion account

Next you need to connect your Notion workspace with your NotionForms account. To that, click on the "Login with Notion" button.

6. Select your Notion workspace

7. Click on Select pages

8. Add your tables

First un-check all checked pages. Then in the searchbar, type the name of the pages you want to use for your NoteForms, and click them.

9. Click on Allow access

10. You're done!

NoteForms should automatically detect that you shared your tables, and you should now be able to create your first form.

Sometimes it can take us a bit more time to detect your tables. The best thing to do is to re-try to share your table, and then to click the "Check tables" button. If you're still having some issues connecting your account, contact us.

Updated on: 11/08/2023

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