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How to create your first form

This guides assumes you have already setup your account. If that's not the case please consult this guide.

Go to Your Forms Page

Click on Create a new form

Select a Notion table

(Optional) Filter your tables

Click on Continue. The form editor will appear, and will see a form with an input field for each of your Notion columns.

Choose a form title. The form title will be shown above your form, but you can also decide to hide it in the customization options.

Choose a form description. The form description is optional, but it can be useful to add context for people that will fill your form.

Drag & Drop your inputs to re-order them. Use the drag handle (the tree gray vertical dots on the left) to re-order your form fields.

Configure your input fields. Each input field has a variety of options for you to play with. For instance you can decide to hide an input, or to make it required. For advanced options click the blue cog.

Configure your input fields. Clicking the blue cog will open a modal window prompting you to configure your field. Each column type has its own custom options. In this case, we just want to make out text input a multi line input so we check that option. You can learn more about input configuration in our other guides.

Allow users to fill the form again. You might want to allow your users to re-fill the form multiple times. To do that, in the "About submission" section, check the "Allow users to fill the form again" option. More on different form options in our other guides.

Click on Create Form. And you're done! You can then share the form link with your users, or embed it in Notion or in your website. All submissions will be directly added to your Notion table.

Updated on: 11/08/2023

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