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How do I delete a field?

If you can't delete a regular field on your form editor, read this guide to solve it.

You can delete & hide custom blocks directly in the NoteForms editor without problem, however that's not the case with regular form fields.

Why? Because you created your form structure based on a Notion database. 💡

The only way to add or delete a regular field is to go to that same Notion database and delete the columns that you want to remove in the form.

You can go to Notion and locate the database manually

You can open your form's settings and click this option, and it will open for you.

In Notion, just right click the column (field) that you want to remove and click "Delete Property". Repeat as needed.

Once you have updated your Notion database, please refresh your form structure in NoteForms, make other changes (if needed), and click "Save Changes".

Note: if you don't want to delete the field, you can hide it in the NoteForms editor following these instructions.

Updated on: 11/09/2023

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