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How do I create and share a NoteForms database view?

How do I create a database view?

➡️ If you are not familiar with database views please check out this guide to learn more.

To create your first database view:

Log into NoteForms

In your dashboard, click "Create a view", under Database Views

Select your desired database

Customize your view, preview it, and save changes.

You can customize your view in many different ways so it meets your needs better.

Play with the layout, alignment, and width of the view
Add a title and description
Change the theme
Enable transparent background
Remove our branding
Decide if your view will be indexable by Google or not
Add password protection
Add custom code, and more

Your database view is now ready to share.

How do I share my database view with the world? 🌎

Check out the guides below ⬇️ for the different sharing options available:

Embed your database view in another Notion page

Coming soon:

Share your database view using a URL
Embed a database view on your website
Share your database view using a QR code

➡️ Get started with database views now!

Updated on: 10/08/2023

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