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How do I use the page cover/icon input?

This custom block works very similarly to page body input blocks, but for page cover and page icon (you can only do one per form).

The page cover/icon input adds an image input to the form (only image, not a file input) and this image is then used as the Notion page cover/or page logo when submitted.

To add this custom block

Log into NoteForms and go to "[All Forms]("

Locate your form and click "edit"

Click the "Add custom block" option on the left side panel of your form editor, and create a "page cover input"

Your block will look like this and you can customize it. It will work exactly as stated at the beginning of this guide.

You can use Icons8 as a source of Notion icons. It offers millions of graphics to personalize your workspace.

Updated on: 15/04/2024

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