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How do I enable dynamic filtering on database views for each user/customer/student? - Getting started with dynamic filtering

This feature eliminates the need for you to duplicate your database multiple times and remove some data each time to create individual views.

You can simply enable the dynamic filtering.

Here's how to do it.

Let's say you have a database with mixed data of customers, students, or users:

How do you share the data with each customer without disclosing sensitive data from other customers?

You can simply enable the dynamic filtering.

To do so, start by creating a NoteForms database view (if you don't have one yet).

When the database view is ready and you are inside the editor, click this button:

And toggle this one on:

The filtering will take the first relation by default:

The view will filter and you will be able to preview the view as a specific client:

Click "publish view."

Once it's published you'll see this mini tutorial in the dashboard. Follow it and add the formula to your related Notion database.

That will create the individual links you can share with your clients/users/students.

And voil√° it will look like this:

Create an individual link for each customer without a lot of effort
Don't worry about information from other customers/users being disclosed to other people
Add or remove other filters inside the database view editors
And more!

Updated on: 17/11/2023

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