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How to share a database view using a URL

Learn how to share your NoteForms database view using a URL.

NoteForms database views are a very cool and powerful way to share data with your users and team mates visually.

➡️ If you are not familiar with database views please check out this guide to learn more.

➡️ If you haven't created your first database view please check out this guide to create one.

Once you create your first database view and save the changes you'll be taken back to your database view options (or you can select your desired view to share on the left-side panel).

To share your database view using a URL, please do the following:

Copy the URL displayed on your database view options and share it 🤪

Okay, that was probably too simple.

Just so this guide wasn't worthless, let's take a look at a few other things.

If you visit the URL your database view would look something like this:

Please note that there are MANY customization options available:

You can:

Change the view type
Play with the layout, alignment, and width of the view
Add a title and description
Change the theme
Enable transparent background
Remove our branding
Decide if your view will be indexable by Google or not
Add password protection
Add custom code, and more

You can also regenerate the view link:

Click this option

Choose if you'd like a human-readable URL or a random ID URL

Share the URL as I explained at the beginning of this guide.

Looking for other sharing options?

Pick your guide below:

Embed your database view on a Notion page
Embed your database view on your website
Share your database view using a QR code

Updated on: 10/08/2023

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