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What are NoteForms database views and why you should be using them?

Database views are a visual and practical way to share your Notion database information (or part of it) without sharing the actual database link or data.

This is an example of a regular Notion database:

Once you create your view it would look something like this:

Of course this was just the result of a couple of clicks.

You can customize your view in many different ways so it meets your needs better.

Play with the layout, alignment, and width of the view
Add a title and description
Change the theme
Enable transparent background
Remove our branding
Decide if your view will be indexable by Google or not
Add password protection
Add custom code, and more

There are many reasons why database views can be very useful for you:

You can edit/customize the view according to your preferences so it's more appealing for the final user.
Your viewers won't even be able to tell that the information you are displaying is coming from Notion.
You can filter and sort the data and your viewers won't be able to remove those filters. If you just share the original database the filters can be removed by any users which mean other information from your database may be compromised. They could also share your URL with other people.
NoteForms database views can be shared via a unique link or embedded in a Notion page or website

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Updated on: 10/08/2023

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